There is no Limit

Your New Quality of Life
Ginastica Natural will make you:
stable - mobile - energy efficient - tireless

Pure Action ;-)
Dynamic like an explosion

Ginastica Natural at ORF
We were interviewed by ORF at "Bewusst Gesund"

The Master Himself
Professor Alvaro Romano giving private lessons to a blind man
"Fascinating", Mr. Spock would say.

Steffen Hofmann
... on Ginastica Natural

Classical Ballet
Elegance - Grace - Aesthetic

Austrian Team
Team Spirit - Strength - Stamina

Team Sport
Fivers Margareten
Team Spirit - Trust - Success

Jab Club Vienna
Discipline - Ready to Fight - Powerful

Kick Boxing
World Champion, Alan Karczewski

Thai Boxing
The Team Dimos
Coordination - Strength - Courage

Jürgen Koch, Nationwide record breaker
Creative - Fast - Anticipation

Team Benefit
Endurance - Strength - Discipline

Parachute Jumping
FSC - Impact
Suspenceful - Fun - Captivating


Press Articles

zeitungsausschnitt über GN - kurier
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zeitungsausschnitt - Kronenzeitung
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In Action

Steffen Hofmann beim Seminar
With Steffen Hofmann

As fit as sneakers

As luscious as a spring apple

As fresh as the morning dew

As flexible as a rubber band

Even More Action

Ginastica and Bodyshape, the big hit in Brasil

Professor Alvaro Romano in Sweden with 400 Trainees!

Creating und Studying Movements

The rejuvenating gymnastics on a heavenly beach

Gentleman without legs and Alvaro – impressing!

„Cirque du Soleil“ artist and GN

Alvaro's son Raphael. Cool; the Video and he ;-)

World champion at Alvaro's hands: the pretty Daniela Freitas

Brasilian Surfing Champion Neco Padaratz and Raphael


Ginastica Natural Österreich


6 units:15 Euros

Duration: 45 minutes

In Vienna you'll find us:


Do you have to sign up before coming?
No, just come by but please be sure that you have trainings gear with you.

Do you have to be in a very good shape to keep up in the course?
The main reason for doing GN is getting in shape. So you don’t have to worry.
In our GN classes and one to one lessons we train with people out of shape and professional athletes. The most important thing is that you want to train and move your body.

Training hours

mo 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr

mi 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr

fr 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr

sa: auf anfrage

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Sitz: Lassallestrasse 42, 1020 Wien